Here's the third and last video from Pitti Uomo 89 featuring Gran Sasso. Founded as a small family business in 1952 by four brothers, Gran…  Read more

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If you could only choose one tie, it would be this. For the funerals you only have one option: a black tie. However boring this also can be done with subtle style. To be fair, you can also get away by wearing a navy tie for sure. But the most dignified colour is black.  Read more

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Finealta trousers are for both for office and casual wear. They pair up really nicely with casual neapolitan style jackets. My first impression on these cargos was the quite low waist. However, the overall feel was amazingly comfortable. These actually might be the most comfortable trousers I own.  Read more

For April Exquisite Trimmings sent me this lightweight petrol blue linen Rubinacci tie . I do have other linen ties as well, but this was the…  Read more

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