Occasional English coming up

In order to provide more versatile and interesting content, I will in future post occasionally in English. You can find an all-English section from the header above but the posts will appear in the main feed also.

There are several reasons for this change.

From the start, one of my ambitions for blogging has been to learn SEO. After understanding how easy it was in Finnish I even left my job of management consulting to work full-time with eCommerce. However, one must push ones limits to learn more. To be master of SEO one must write in english as it is the dominating language for quality content online.

In addition, I have noticed that many of companies for whom I’ve made blog co-operations are (or are aiming for) international markets. I am not ashamed to admit that I want to create value not only to my readers but also to the companies I like to co-operate with.

I am also quite convinced that my readers are educated and sophisticated enough not to mind whether I write in Finnish or in English.

For all of these reasons I’ve decided to have occasional posts in English. However, the main language of the blog is and will remain Finnish. I will use English only where it serves a purpose.

The first actual posts will consist of ”accessory/item of the month” -series.

The first one is about shantung ties.

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