The Great Summer Adventure

As you already know, I'm into eCommerce business. One of our shops is

A week ago the ideas started flying with Varusteleka and we took off to a summerhouse to really think things through. After a few cold ones our vision started to form up clearly! ( )

Both our stores are pushing into Sweden and as Finns we naturally have to poke a little fun at our dear neighbours. This is how it turned out....

Special thanks to Vaatturiliike Sauma for beign The Swede.


The Story: Which scenario do you prefer?

Which one of these summer adventures would you choose? In the end, is there a difference as long as there’s some cool beer around?

Either way, here's how we see Finland vs Sweden:


Finnish way is the suffering through cold and rain in the dark. Digging your own little whole into the ground to get that bitter taste of shitty old can beer. 

But it is through all these hardships, the real fellowship and brotherhood is forged. 

It is branded to their cold hearts with the burning iron of melancholy as drunkenness overcomes depression letting in laughter and aggression.

Need to drink up fast in order to open another!​
Need to drink up fast in order to open another!​


For Swedes the adventures of summer are like dancing on the field of roses. All is possible and love is in the air.

Instead of grunts and getting shitfaced Swedes babble and smile as if there were no worries in the world and no military active superpowers as their neighbor. Oh but wait - they don’t, do they?

Sophisticated and beautiful as they are, Swedes enjoy luxuries that ”old money” has privileged them to buy.

As the former noblemen and lords of Finland, they still today seem like high elves next to the dwarves of Finland.

A swede looking down upon the finns​
A swede looking down upon the finns​
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